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Series (Resistor Coils) to Regen (Controller) Conversion Kit - 440amp Navitas

This is a call-to-order item only. Returns will not be accepted. ***NOTE: Conversion kits will NOT WORK with a Series type motor. You must have a REGEN motor for these upgrades. A Series motor will burn up other components in the kit.
Item #: EP-CONV440-FMOT

Have a golf cart with sentimental value, but is sluggish or doesn't work, but you can't find replacement parts? It's time for an upgrade. Convert your old resistor golf cart and give it a brain, the controller!

Save money when you purchase the kit. Includes:

  • Harness – Pot Box – Mounting Bracket
  • Navitas 440amp Controller (36/48V Compatible)
    • Must be programmed with Motor prior to shipping.
    • We do not recommend updating the firmware in the app. This will reset all preset settings.
  • Regen Motor - Our motors are high speed motors. ***Motor colors may vary.
  • 400 amp Solenoid
  • Complete 2 gauge wiring set

Be Prepared to answer these questions:

  • Cart Voltage: 36V or 48V?
  • Passengers: 2, 4, or 6?
  • Rear tire diameter size being used: 18", 20", 22", etc...?
  • Terrain use:
    • Road Use: flat or hilly?
    • Hunting? (17 mph, 5 mph for rough trails or stalking through the woods.
    • Offroad Camping or Yard use?
  • Settings for Speed/Torque/Regen can be set via the Navitas App, available for download in the Google Playstore or Apple App Store. OR, Ask us about the On-The-Fly Programmer!


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